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Artisans and glassblowers Jarle Knapstad (1970) and Camilla Knapstad (1976) have shared workshops since 1995. Through daily work and immersion in the fabric of glass our technical skills have been honed to a high level that combined with our creativity and love of beauty blossoms into myriad surprises of shape and colour. 

Our workshop and studio now has been moved out of our gallery i Rådhusgaten, but here you will still find our glassworks together with jewellers Randi and Bjørnar Knapstad www.gullsmedeneknapstad.no . Our pieces are shown at several galleries and exhibitions all over Norway. Photos of our latest works are regularly displayed on our web-shop. We passionately love our job, seeing it as a calling in which the joy of creating permeates our professional and our home life as well as encountering people.

Our glasses emerge at the breaking point between the aesthetically pleasing and the useful, maintaining always an element of surprise through shape or colour. Our glasses can brighten up a formal dinner party, or serve the purpose of illuminating the beauty of your everyday life.

You are most welcome to visit our gallery in Rådhusgaten 3, Kristiansand, Norway.

Enjoy our glasses.